Make Money Recycling These Items

The following is a breakdown of many different kinds of recyclable materials. Learn how to make money recycling these items.

Plastic Cans
When it comes to the world of recycling, more and more it is important to have quantity! Picking up plastic cans on the side of the road is one way to do that. However, at 50 cents a pound it is difficult to make it a profitable business. There are better ways…

The number one item to recycle is copper, which comes in at $3 a pound. For this very reason, many foreclosed homes have been stripped of their copper piping, leaving many banks, or foreclosure homebuyers wishing the price of copper wasn't so high. Even so, heaving away a 100 pounds of copper only makes you 300$ and the recycling company may report suspicious copper sellers!

Car Radiators
Car Radiators come in at approximately $1.80 per pound, when properly clean. If you have the skill set and time, you can remove and clean radiators for the recycling company for a living. To make $100 dollars a day you would need to remove and clean five 20 pound radiators per day. It's a somewhat ingenious way to make some extra cash, if you have access to unlimited radiators.

Car Batteries
While you are at it, you may as well take the car batteries, which recycle at $.15 a pound, making a little bit more for your recycling business.

The list below shows a typical breakdown of common recyclable products and their approximate value.

Material - Price / WEIGHT
Tin - 190.00 / TON
Iron - $215.00 / TON
Alum - $0.50 / LB
Copper/Alum Radiators $1.30 / LB
Alum. - Cans $0.50 / LB
Copper - $3.08 / LB
Copper - B & S $3.18 / LB
Brass - Yellow $1.70 / LB
Car Radiators - Clean $1.80 / LB
Copper - #2 Ins. $1.00 / LB $1.00 / LB
Stainless Steel $0.70 / LB $0.70 / LB
Batteries - Car $0.15 / LB $0.15 / LB
Cardboard $0.0675 / LB $0.0675 / LB
Plastic PETE $0.025 / LB $0.025 / LB

Electronics / Insulated Wires
Electronics and insulated wires can also be recycled, but they are subject to a quality screening test to determine their worth.

There are many Las Vegas recycling centers looking to help you with your recycling needs. For a more comprehensive breakdown on how your company can become better recycler, speak with a Las Vegas recycling service specialist and take the steps to protect our world and natural resources.